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It’s designed to give you a realistic impression of our study programmes and student life in Maastricht. At Maastricht University School of Business and Economics we believe that education should be centred on you, the student. To help you better understand what you can expect next academic year, please visit the following page to learn more about the educational format for the first two periods, introducation days and student life at the School of Business and Economics. Understanding the choices that all these players make is essential in today’s globalising society, where consumer choices and business opportunities are multiplying by the hour. Box 616 YouTube, For specific questions, we have FAQ's for, Graduate School of Business and Economics,,,, Virtual Experience Day | International Business & Economics and Business Economics, Virtual Experience Day | Fiscal Economics, Virtual Experience Day | Econometrics & Operations Research, Virtual Experience Day | International Business / Economics and Business Economics, Virtual Experience Day | Business Analytics, Virtual Experience Day | Business Engineering, We are home to over 4,200 students and 500 staff, around 40% of whom come from abroad, We are one of only 1% of business schools worldwide to be Triple Crown accredited (EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA), We have an international network of over 140 exchange partners around the world, We welcome approximately 650 exchange students and send 750 SBE students abroad each year. On 11 and 12 November, the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics and Copenhagen Business School hosted the Causal Data Science Meeting. Grant and Shreyas officially joined BISCI on 1 July as project managers. Get a feel of what it’s like to study Econometrics & Operations Research at Maastricht University. Originally from Australia, Melanie Feeney's career path includes the completion of a master's degree in sustainability in Sydney, research on sustainable business in remote and rural Australia and Southeast Asia as well as a role as Education Development Officer at UM. This time around, the UM Bachelor's Open Day will be held online. The SCV is a collaboration that seeks to work with government, companies and academia to deliver joint goals that result in great outcomes for all involved and the wider environment, society and economy. Half of the jobs that exist today will disappear in 10-20 years. Economics is the science of choice, from the personal (Why do you buy what you do?) The Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) provides high-quality education to students and conducts excellent research, offering an international perspective in the fields of economics and international business administration. All degree programmes make use of Problem-Based Learning, with an emphasis on skills development – problem solving, group work, and self-directed learning – to prepare students optimally for the European and international knowledge society. However, the combination of working together with students with different backgrounds and passions, make the PBL sessions very lively and sometimes very funny as well.”, UM postal address While the benefits of using robots may be easy to imagine, it is equally important to explore the flip-side in a nuanced manner. This unique combination ensures that you develop a broad professional perspective. Besucher aus Belgien, Deutschland und Frankreich mischen sich unter die mehrheitlich ausländischen StudentInnen. UM’s Mark Levels set up TECHNEQUALITY, a consortium of leading scholars around Europe. Keep reading. Business economics, meanwhile, is about solving specific problems within companies (How can we as a company get consumers to choose our product?). The news of the prize was received with great enthusiasm here in Maastricht. +31 43 388 2222, Follow us on Social Media If the host university has a four-year bachelor’s programme, students may only take 3rd and 4th year courses. Study at SBE during COVID-19 We understand that, in these uncertain times, it is difficult to assess what the new academic year will look like. And I am using the DuoLingo app. He will support Greenport Venlo logistics and supply chain management from the Brightlands Campus in the Limburg region through smart and sustainable innovations. Die Universität Maastricht (niederländisch Universiteit Maastricht, englisch Maastricht University) wurde 1976 in Maastricht gegründet und ist eine der jüngsten Universitäten der Niederlande. She has conducted groundbreaking research in this field. That’s why I decided to study International Business in Maastricht. We caught up with her to congratulate her and find out a bit more about the project. This opens up a wide range of career opportunities to you and will help you succeed at whichever path you choose. Experience what it’s really like to study at UM: Get a feel of what it’s like to study International Business or Economics and Business Economics at... Get a feel of what it’s like to study International Business or Economics and Business Economics at Maastricht University. Founded in 1976, it is the second youngest of the thirteen Dutch universities. Today, we sit down with one of these academics: Professor Antoon Pelsser who regularly contributes to the nation-wide debate surrounding pension funds in the Netherlands. How can we help you? To help you better understand what you can expect next academic year, please visit the following page to learn more about the educational format for the first two periods, introducation days and student life at the School of Business and Economics. In the bachelor’s programme in Psychology, you'll learn about the mental processes of humans, including memory, language, thinking and perception. … Emerging Markets is the latest specialisation in the bachelor’s programmes in International Business and Economics & Business Economics at Maastricht University. Together with Tallinn University, Stockholm School of Economics and consultancy firm Brand Manual, the Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management (SBE) and the Service Science Factory (UMIO) received an Erasmus+ Grant to realise this programme to co-develop an executive study programme in the field of Service Design. As part of his research, Mark will carry out part of his research here in Maastricht, observing social robots in restaurants and in aged care centres. We reached out to Professor Tom van Veen, one of SBE's first faculty members and the former Dean Internationalisation of Education, to find out how SBE became the international faculty it is today and to hear his thoughts on the recent pushback against internationalisation in the Netherlands. The Econometric Game is a yearly event in Amsterdam, often dubbed as the World Championships of Econometrics, and took place this year from April 10th to April 12th. To appease fans frustrated by the lack of mainstream media coverage, we asked one of their number, Lea Bottmer, to tell us more. Sign up for the next Bachelor's Open ... Business or Economics and Business Economics at Maastricht University. Economic Theory Fellows are selected for their scientific excellence, originality, and leadership; high education standards; and scholarly and creative achievement. These days, no calculation is made without accounting for environmental effects, corporate responsibility and the long term. In the skillslab, you’ll also practice medical skills, such as how to give a patient bad news. The Netherlands, UM visiting address In this article I share some tips that have helped me to survive (so far). UMIO’s MaastrichtMBA ranks 13th globally according to CEO Magazine’s Global Executive MBA Ranking 2019. On 19 April 2017 AACSB International announced that it will be extending the business accreditation of Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics (SBE). On December 23rd 2019, Maastricht University suffered a major cyber-attack, more specifically a ransomware attack. For each programme there is a student with whom you can chat, a Virtual Open Day that you can visit (including a 360-degree four-way tour), and we are also currently organising our Virtual Experience Days. At Maastricht University, the bachelor’s in Medicine is very practical; you’ll come in contact with real patients in the early stages of your studies. Analysis by researchers at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics found schools around the world reacted differently to communicating about the pandemic and were largely reactive, waiting for official announcements before making their own contribution. By obtaining this re-accreditation, SBE retains the prestigious ‘Triple Crown’ which consists of accreditations awarded by the American AASCB, the British AMBA and the European-wide EQUIS. Am 11… Science finds that emotions greatly influence or even determine our decisions. I really perceive Maastricht as the heart of Europe, and so I totally think this is a Maastricht story.”, “I had loved my gap year abroad after high school so much, that when I came back I decided to change my whole plan of studying Law in Belgium. The admissions procedure, admission requirements and the application deadlines can differ per programme. +31 43 388 2222, Follow us on Social Media Maastricht University has taken measures in order to restrict the spread of the coronavirus. Isabella Grabner believes that the way performance is measured makes a huge difference on the work floor. You will find here a wide variety of content stemming from our diverse community. SBE) Boschstraat 24 6211 AX Maastricht. Ever wonder what academics do during the summer break? During the Dutch Food Week, Bart Vos hosted the interactive workshop ‘Sustainable food, how does it get on our plate?’ at BISCI’s home turf, the Villa Flora in Venlo. The university was renamed Universiteit Maastricht in 1996 and added its English-language name in 2008. This would be her first time in Europe and she had big plans. As of 2010, Maastricht University consists of six faculties offering 17 bachelor programmes, 56 master programmes and several Ph.D. programmes. When, and where, do the benefits of robots outweigh their detriments and vice versa? In this blog post, he shares 5 valuable lessons he took away from his experience that might be helpful to other aspiring entrepreneurs. Many local businesses in Maastricht were hit hard by the consequences of the corona pandemic. Maastricht University is a public university in Maastricht, Netherlands. Staff FAQ: SBE) Kapoenstraat 2 6211 KW Maastricht. Meeting countless amazing people from all over the world during that year made me realize that there was so much more to learn and discover.  Bonnefantenstraat 2 Dr Anita Van Gils looked at existing research into these questions, which was primarily carried out after the previous (financial) crisis in 2008. School of Business and Economics (SBE) Tongersestraat 53 6211 LM Maastricht . We are proud to announce that team SBE came in 2nd place during this final case, and therefore also placed 2nd of all 30 teams! The Netherlands  “I’m going to start my PhD in Economics at Stanford University in September. Due to the corona crisis, the centre has had to postpone several of its activities; however, the CEI team has now shifted their priorities to helping local businesses create more sustainable business models and be innovative in these uncertain times. The … The idea behind 'internative' is simple: connecting students and companies through a WhatsApp integration platform for a quick, down-to-earth, personal approach. In case you already binge-watched all your favourite sitcoms on Netflix and are bored of playing Trivia on Houseparty with your friends – why not get more into Sustainability? Twitter Sustainability has become firmly ensconced in the world of economists. SBE student Sandro Esposito interviews global entrepreneur Suvra Chakraborty to find out more about the business impact of COVID-19. Maastricht University has its own international maths competition: the Mathematical Modelling competition Maastricht (MMM). Since I wanted to study in English, Maastricht University became my first and only choice! What do the Basilica of Saint Servatius, the bear pit at Aldenhofpark and the gate to the university library have in common? Maastricht University SBE and Maastricht School of Management partner to offer a new MBA Program in Maastricht, Netherlands. Led by Mark Levels with the help of Raymond Montizaan and Didier Fouarge, TECHNEQUALITY’s findings are expected to inform policy-makers working to support their populations through technological transformation. At Maastricht University, the bachelor’s in Medicine is very practical; you’ll come in contact with real patients in the early stages of your studies. Within seven weeks, students learned about the principles of market research and got to design as well as implement full-blown market research to examine an SCM-related problem from a consumer point of view. Instagram 3. Jumping into the world of entrepreneurship can be scary. While the focus of the Dutch Food Week is mainly on what we eat, Bart’s workshop addressed how we get food where we want to consume it. In 28 March 2019, Maastricht University had the pleasure of welcoming Christian Klein, Operations Manager Process Management and Daniel Rausch, Business Developer from Zalando as jury members for determining the best marketing research project (MRP) as part of the Marketing & Supply Chain Management course. Founded in 1916, AACSB is the longest-serving global accrediting body for business schools that offer undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degrees in business and accounting. As a person who is easily distracted, working from home is not the most ideal situation for me. From 10 to 15 September 2018, the cross-border and multidisciplinary Euregio Summer School in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion was organised for the first time. During the Bachelor’s Open Day, which I visited, I fell in love with the enthusiasm and atmosphere here. I realised that European merchandise didn’t really exist, besides a few lousy European gadgets like mugs and flags. In this year’s edition of the course Customer-centric Supply Chain Management, our 2nd year IBE bachelor students conducted market research for DSM’s sustainable engineering plastics. At what point does 'almost human' shift from being endearing to being eerie? 6200 MD Maastricht On Tuesday 20 October, Bartel Van de Walle, new director of UNU-MERIT met with Limburg governor Theo Bovens, ahead of UN Day on 24 October 2020. Being close to home and all the people I love, and at the same time the opportunity to meet new people from around the world thanks to the international character of Maastricht.” How do you empower citizens and Euroregions within the European Union? As a student at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics, I am used to living in an international environment and constantly having opportunities to educate myself further by joining associations, initiatives and many exciting events. You can pursue a career as a journalist, politician, policy officer, researcher or a consultant in the creative sector. The group investigates the value-added through AR applications in a variety of B2C and B2B contexts, such as online and offline retail, warehousing and logistics. Inspired by the challenge of building tomorrow’s solutions, Maastricht University's School of Business and Economics' seven research themes bring together a broad range of academic expertise in a creative, forward-thinking environment. How serious are the negative effects of higher-than-average temperatures? In this article, our fellow Sustainability Science, Policy and Society students prepared a little list of awesome podcasts, articles and movies dealing with different aspects of sustainability. For me, being accepted to Maastricht is an important step on the road to success in both my academic and career journey". But after just one and half months in the Netherlands, the corona crisis hit, forcing her to adapt these plans. Die Universität ist Mitglied im grenzüberschreitenden Hochschulverbund ALMA. Courses 2020-2021 Year Down Academic year selection: ... What do you want to Search Bachelor Courses We spoke to several academics with expertise in the field of development economics to hear their initial thoughts. This technical installation company is primarily focused on innovation, energy transition, digitisation and circular construction. For specific questions, we have FAQ's for students. Adjusting to this new way of life during the Corona crisis is a challenge all of us are facing, but for some people, the reality of this crisis is more acute. Peter Møllgaard (Denmark, 1964), Professor of Industrial Organization at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), has been appointed as the new dean of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE). The corona crisis has affected many companies worldwide. Minderbroedersberg 4-6 The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded a Veni grant to eight young, highly promising UM scientists. More on the programme on our Virtual Open Day. 6. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the best 13 teams delivered their pitch to DSM management online and two teams were awarded the first place. Drei grundverschiedene Brücken spannen sich über die Maas und verbinden die Ost- und Westhälfte der Stadt. This year, the same week saw another – smaller – group of international visitors break new ground: the first cohort of the Executive Master in Cultural Leadership. Yet she is now managing director of the family business, Kuijpers, with more than 1,300 employees and an annual turnover of almost €250 million. Thanks to her research, Master's student in Public Policy and Human Development Riesa van Doorn has felt empowered to speak out against menstrual stigmatisation in Nepal. Housed at SBE, the Augmented Research Initiative is a global research group dedicated to studying AR technologies for Marketing. In this article, we spoke with two of the PhD candidates from the School of Business and Economics participating in the EU-funded project LIMES to find out what drew them to the project and to get an update on their research so far. This is why I always studied in the library because lowkey, the peer pressure of seeing others work hard made me do the same. Vegetables and fruit are healthy. This week, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2020 to Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson 'for improvements to auction theory and inventions of new auction formats'. According to Lisa Brüggen, professor of Financial Services at the School of Business and Economics (SBE), there is much work to do. This didn’t go unnoticed by SBE students who were quick to jump into action. The Netherlands  Find the information that is applicable to you below. International Business is 5th in the national Keuzegids ranking Keuzegids Universiteiten 2019. It’s designed to give you a realistic impression of our study programmes and student life in Maastricht. According to his oldest son Gert Jan, with whom Geert co-authored major work and who will go on carry the torch, his father was ‘ready to go’. New as it may be, it is already popular. He will also do part of his research in Brisbane, where he will have access to the QUT’s behavioural lab at the BEST centre. Its seven research themes focus on interdisciplinary solutions to today's global challenges. Armed with some help from a prestigious FIR-PRI Awards PhD research grant, Nora Pankratz, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Finance, is determined to find out.

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